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Combining True Job and Project Cost Knowledge
Solid Financial Accounting

The traditional one-size-fits-all approach to construction management software is now a thing of the past. HeavyWorks is the most comprehensive construction management software in the industry targeting the specific accounting and project management challenges faced in the Heavy and Civil construction industry.

In no other business is the relationship between project management, job costs, and accounting as critical as is the case with the heavy and civil construction industry. By constantly monitoring the company's financial vital signs, especially labor, material and equipment costing information, the finance department can track business performance against financial goals and keep other departments and / or business units up-to-date. Whether you need an executive overview or specific job costing details, HeavyWorks allows for timely decision making to maximize job profitability and lower risk with control that would please even the most demanding financial executive.

Engineered for Heavy and Civil Construction Projects
A Multitude of Features…ONE Interface

From quarries to excavation and from streets, roads, and highways to bridges, dams, and tunnels, successful execution of a heavy and civil project demands effective planning, seamless scheduling and unencumbered communication from start to finish.

Backed by over 20 years of experience, HeavyWorks was built from day one with a framework of modules that synchronize the exacting scheduling, budgeting, permitting, procurement and logistics requirements of public and private heavy and civil construction projects. From submitting the initial bid to tracking change order details and determining percentage completion, HeavyWorks tracks every cost, revenue and communication from planning to closing so you confidently make quick and proactive decisions.

Download HeavyWorks Product Brochure for in-depth
details on the features and functions that drive project efficiency and timely financial decisions, maximizing job profitability and lowering risk with control that would please even the most demanding financial executive.

Request a Demo
We welcome the opportunity to give you a free personalized demo of HeavyWorks’ exceptional integration of financial and project management functions. Just a few minutes of your time will reveal substantial opportunities to optimize your business.

Download the HeavyWorks*CONNECT Brochure for details on the unique combination of on-premise and cloud-based technologies that improve productivity from the office to the jobsite.

In the News.

HeavyWorks Launches HeavyWorks*CONNECT Cloud-Based Application Suite

Combining the Best of Both Worlds – Maestro Technology Launches HeavyWorks*CONNECT

Bringing On-Premise Security with Cloud-Based Mobility to the Heavy Construction Industry

Houston, Texas– September 14, 2012 Maestro Technologies today announced the launch of HeavyWorks*CONNECT, a suite of cloud-based applications designed specifically for the construction industry. Unique in its offering, HeavyWorks*CONNECT combines on-premise security with cloud-based mobility to bring the most structured, comprehensive and cost efficient solution to the market.

“While the industry is moving to cloud-based computing, customers have expressed serious concerns regarding the security of having highly sensitive financial data on the Internet cloud,” said Robert Meunier, President and CEO at Maestro Technologies. “Our unique approach of combining the security aspects of an on-premise ERP system with the flexibility and mobility of cloud-based applications truly combines the best of both worlds for our customers”.

At the customer premise, Maestro continues to deploy its leading HeavyWorks construction management software to bring the full blown features, scalability and security of a customer premise based Accounting and Project Management platform to its customers.

For the mobile / field workforce on the job site, Maestro developed HeavyWorks*CONNECT - a suite of operations-based applications that provide all the flexibility, deployment ease and low-cost connectivity of cloud-based computing without compromising an organization’s security by preventing sensitive financial and client data from being sent over the cloud.

As part of this launch, Maestro Technologies has bundled three applications as part of its HeavyWorks*CONNECT STARTER PAK- a turnkey application suite that improves productivity from the office to the jobsite. The HeavyWorks*CONNECT STARTER PAK is an easy and affordable way to quickly take advantage of all the cost and mobility benefits associated with cloud-based computing. The STARTER PAK includes:

HW*TIME: field staff and administrators can enter time data through a clean and easy-to-use interface - anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

HW*REQUISITIONS: designed for companies looking for a flexible way to automate the purchasing of new materials….instantaneously.

HW*DIARY: Asking field staff to keep handwritten daily logs is never a popular request. With HW*DIARY, field staff can now enter daily logs using the click of a mouse.

About Maestro
Founded in 1989, Maestro Technologies is a leading developer of integrated software solutions for the construction industry – and only the construction industry. The HeavyWorks Construction Software was designed from day one to address the dynamic, project-driven environment of the heavy construction industry and is now being enjoyed daily by thousands of users to improve efficiency, drive revenue and increase profits.

HeavyWorks CEO participating on “The Future of Technology” panel during ConstrucTech Technology Day

HeavyWorks Recognized as New Tech Player in Heavy Market



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